• Webcam Falcon com Microfone

Webcam Falcon com Microfone

Built-in sound absorption microphone, your voice can be heard clearly in 10 meters.
Great quality and exquisite appearance.
1,3Mpixels, 1600x1200 high definition and true color images.
Left & right 360 degrees and up & down 30 degrees rotatable, you can adjust the angle as you like.
Specialized optical lens, high precision.
Designed for both laptop and desktop.
Auto white balance, auto color correction.
Manual adjustable focal length.  

DSP chip: Driverless
Image sensor: CMOS
Lens: Superior quality glass lens
High definition: 1.3Mpixels
Resolution: 15fps @ 1600x1200 - 30fps @ 800x600

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Webcam Falcon com Microfone

  • Marca: OEM
  • Modelo: FALCON
  • Em stock: Existente
  • 29,90€

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